15 October 2011

More encounters with the Red Ape...BORNEO (8 Oct)

As I mentioned earlier we managed to find another (or rather my driver did) Orang-Utan before we had even stepped foot in the luxurious surroundings of the Borneo Rainforest Lodge in the lush jungle of Danum Valley. Here is a picture of the young red ape, along with a photo of our first male Bornean Blue Flycatcher. Turned out to be good for both these in Danum which were seen again repeatedly over our 4 night stay there. A Great-billed Heron rounded out the day at Danum, post a good tropical storm. Visible from the lodge!

More from Danum (which might explain my title shot) to come...

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John Holmes said...

Clouded Leopard ? More please !