01 October 2011

The Gap...MALAYSIA (29-30 Sept.)

With the top of Fraser's Hill shrouded in mist at times we descended to the humid lower slopes around The Gap for some lower altitude species. The day seemed too hot and humid for birds and then a Black Laughingthrush jumped into view to prove me very wrong. Not long after the same stand of bamboo hosted our first of 3 Orange-breasted Trogons. The following morning another stint at The Gap opened with a party of Collared Babblers, babbling in the bamboo, and ended with a Chestnut-naped Forktail working its way along a thickly forested stream. A final return to The Gap in the afternoon produced another pair of forktails (along with the decidedly more common Slaty-backed Forktail), Chestnut-backed Scimitar-Babbler hooting softly from another mighty stand of bamboo, which it shared with a red-capped male Bamboo Woodpecker, and a pair of striking Buff-rumped Woodpeckers. And I almost forgot to mention the Red-bearded Bee-eaters we saw there too! And there was me thinking the afternoons were meant to be quiet!

More to come from the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia!

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Unknown said...

How lovely that you can see all these birds and you know what types of birds they are:)