15 June 2011

Quetzal Nest...ECUADOR (12-13 June)

The cock-of-the-rock was not the only bird nesting at Tandayapa Bird Lodge. Just a minutes walk from the hummingbird feeders a Golden-headed Quetzal had recently excavated a new nest. Strangely enough, presumably the same pair also nested in the very same tree last year. However, since that time the top of the tree had broken off and fallen down leaving just a 6 foot high stump. This clearly did not bother these industrious quetzals though that insisted on using the same tree and just happily made a new hole in which to nest. While I was there I missed a changeover of a male and female that Iain Campbell managed to observe while tucked away in a blind (hide) overlooking the hole. Although I did manage to see the female emerge from the cavity while I was stood by the hole that showed no signs of nerves at all in my presence. The male glowed emerald green in the trees behind and seemed a whole lot more skittish, giving alarms calls possibly due to my presence. So I withdrew and let them get on with it. It seems they are incubating right now, and it would be good to see the young quetzals emerge later in the season.

More from my "Tandayapa Weekend" Getaway soon...

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