18 June 2011

Milpe...ECUADOR (13 June)

A few hours were spent a little lower down the Andes from Tandayapa, at the Milpe reserve in the foothills (1100m elevation). Although birds were quite in general as no large flocks came throuugh while I was there Brett Taylor (a Tandayapa Lodge volunteer) and I managed to stumble on to a fine pair of Esmeraldas Antbirds that responded well to a recording, giving some stellar looks. This can be a really tricky bird to see, as to say they are a skulker is an understatement. After that we had breakfast in a restaurant in town, famed amongst birders for its feeders, Mirador Rio Blanco. Tanagers were sparse at the feeders, although a male Guira Tanager dropped in and got the juices flowing although managed to hid behind a branch when it was within camera range! I fared better with this handsome Black-cheeked Woodpecker that posed for quite some time while it stole nectar from the hummingbirds feeders...

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