30 September 2010

Superb Finale in Royal... (Australia): 26 Sept 2010

A few days later and my tour began for real, could I re-find those Lyres and Origmas for the group so easily in Royal NP? As it turned out they made me sweat, the morning wore on, I eyed my watch nervously, and panic spread through my vains silently. However, just when things were looking sketchy I glanced up the trail to an open patch of grass at a large shape, that turned out to be a Superb Lyrebird boldly feeding in the open (photo). We watched in horror, then amazement, as one jogger after another heavily trotted past, without a flinch from the lyrebird. Until of course I approached for better shots and then it got all coy and skitted off into the forest! A confiding Rock Warbler on the way back down Lady Carrington Drive was even more popular with the group, as were a Southern Emuwren and Chestnut-rumped Hylacola out on the heath. Although a late afternoon at Barren Grounds bought my bird of the day-a lifer Pilotbird. A sweet moment of victory that had been a little late in coming!

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