08 September 2010

The Lynx Effect...(Spain): Sept 3 & 4, 2010

Combining visiting family in Spain with the latest Spanish sensation: gettable Lynxes, I decided to visit the Sierra de Andujar Natural Park and try and get the rarest cat on Earth. Taking a handful of reports and advice from my good friend Lee Dingain on where to position myself I perched myself on a lookout and surveyed the Oaks and craggy outcrops for any sign of movement. Arriving in the late afternoon, hours went by with little action of any kind in the sweltering heat. Then with hope waning just half hour before dusk at 20:30, I noticed my mum gesturing down below (at the base of the hill I was sat on). Following her pointed finger I came upon an Iberian Lynx sauntering over the bridge below. well out of photo range below. Magical, long looks of the animal were achieved though.

Next evening there I was, with my chair now firmly at the base of the hill, overlooking where it had appeared the night before. This time I was ready and almost to the minute a Lynx appeared right on cue in the same spot before wandering casually off into a private estate.


James P. Smith said...

Awesome Sam! Well done.



Phil Benstead said...


Lee Dingain said...

Well done with the photos Sam! I'm gonna have to go back with the 7D sometime. Glad the gen was useful.

Dave said...

Beautiful Sam!