13 May 2009

Warblers Give us the “Low Down”…(Magee Marsh, Ohio): 11 May 2009

Whilst guiding for the Black Swamp Bird Observatory at Magee Marsh I spent the day chasing warblers for others birders and (once I realized a personal best was in the offing), for me too! An incredible 25 Species of warbler were reported today, and I got all of them, more than I had ever achieved before (never was an Orange-crowned Warbler so important and took on a whole new realm of importance once I knew this target was so close I could sniff it!) Personal favourites today included a sharp-dressed male Mourning Warbler decked out in its typical “funeral attire”, Black-throated Blues again (just because I like them big time, particularly as they seem rather partial to hopping around just above head height, unlike some of the other “canopy fodder”. However, that was what for me was so top notch about the day-most of the warblers abandoned the treetops and spent the day dangling around so close at eye level that they gave us all the feeling we were fools to being carrying around a pair of bins. Other treats was a good dose of thrush, with Veery, Swainson’s and Gray-cheeked all easy to find, with the latter two ID-pair hopping around on opposite sides of the trail so great side-by-side comparisons could readily be made.

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