16 May 2009

Nightcocks...(Black Swamp Bird Observatory, Ohio): Late post from 10 May 2009

Just a quick late post of an American Woodcock watched during the Black Swamp Bird Observatory's "Woodcock Extravaganza" walk. On this we took out a group of birders and beamed a calling and displaying woodcock out the back of the gift shop. The whole thing goes in three distinct phases, first the bird "beeps" and calls from the path, then the "whinnying" sound of the wings reveals the male has jetted up high into the dusky sky, where he soon becomes a dark dot high in the nightsky, then finally a "whitting" call is given as it drops suddenly and dramatically almost to the very same spot where he shot up from. So what we did was check where he shot up from, and quickly position ourselves quietly beside the spot, and watched on in amazement as he dropped down right beside us. Good job by the "timberdoodle".

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