09 May 2012

"Special K"...OHIO (9 May)

Well I arrived at the boardwalk took one step towards the start of this famous Magee Marsh trail, and immediately turned away as the news trickled in of a male Kirtland's Warbler showing at the far, eastern end. I quickly retreated to the car and sped (within local speed limits of course) to the other end, hoping to beat the crowds...Clearly I was a little off the pace, as a large glum-looking crowd greeted me and others! No one was seeing it, but suddenyl we heard a clear burst of song, then fifteen minutes later the news came through from Ann Oliver of Ohio Ornithological Society that it was heading towards East Beach, a famous hangout for this species...The crowd and me surged towards the beach, and I soon felt like I had gone back ten years to my twitching days in the UK! Some frustration followed before the crowd moved off as if from a silent message and then there it was thrilling us all by bobbing its tail and flitting around a large Cottonwood tree on the shore of Lake Erie. My first warbler of the day! Another highlight for the day was this awesome Cecropia Moth that slept prominently by the boardwalk and drew quite the crowd of its own. Still missing a Mourning Warbler this this season yet...maybe tomorrow?

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Larry said...

Glad to see a Kirtland's showed again this season.