11 May 2012

"Shooting H"...OHIO (11 May 2012)

A distinctive, insect-like buzzing sound drifted to our ears as we climbed out of the car at Ottawa NWRwhere we were greeted by not only a bright, beautiful spring dawn, but also the sight of the normally extremely elusive Henslow's Sparrow posing in glorious first rays of sunlight-LIFEBIRD! We gorged on it as it posed again and again and allowed remarkably close approach, despite my photos suggesting otherwise! I might have to post Iain Campbell photos later with an 800mm lens which put mine to shame and revealed to true beauty of this little brown job, something us Brit birders get a kick out of! Special thanks to Rebecca for taking us out there to see it - very generous of you indeed!


Andrew said...

A lovely image..

Rebecca said...

My pleasure Sam. It was a lovely morning.