19 May 2012

The End of Spring...OHIO (13 May)

Well my spring started when I landed in Houston, Texas on the 28th March, and headed for my annual sojourn to High Island...and my final day of the US spring came at Magee Marsh in Ohio where I spent a day ogling the warblers and taking their every detail for one last time. The day was warm bright and sunny, and provided a great setting for photographing some of these warblers. I said goodbye to many friends on the Magee boardwalk, which I sincerely hope to see next year again. Meanwhile the Blackburnian Warblers, Blackpoll Warblers and Prothonotary Warblers put on quite a show (the later mating in full view of the west tower-no shame those prothons!) and ensured my migration addiction remains healthily satisfied for another spring, and also ensures I could not possibly miss a spring in the eastern US!

As I headed out for Detroit my annual sadness at leaving migration behind for another year was tempered somewhat with the knowledge that my ticket was whisking me away for a fun few days on the island of Taiwan in the Far East...to come!


Friend of HK said...

The colours of the warblers are stunning! Great imgages!

BobTarte said...

Sam, that's the most beautiful photo of a Blackpoll Warbler that I've ever seen! Nice job.