29 September 2013

Into the Valley...AUSTRALIA (27th Sept)

I think if you put this day together with the one before you'll get a pretty good idea of what a cracking city Brisbane must be, to be based as a birder. This was illustrated to me well, first by Nick Leseberg, who generously showed me around D'Aguilar National Park and Mount Glorious; and then this "tour of Brisbane Hotspots" continued with my old London mate (now an Aussie resident) Stuart Pickering with a visit to the Lockyer Valley. 
Stuart had arranged to meet Plaxy Barrett and Dan Mantle (hope I got those names right-sorry guys if not!), as they had recently seen a Red-chested Buttonquail in the area. After admiring many platelets (circular grooves in the groundmade by feeding buttonquails) we left with no buttonquails, although the area was superb, with some low, and lovely, Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters, and a single Black-chinned Honeyeater being the standout sightings from this wooded area. 
Although, the showoff Variegated Fairywren would have to get a "perfect 10" for performance alongside and provided the photo shoot of the morning! As we moved on to another area, a group of 11 Red-rumped Parrots proved once again, from their showy show that indeed Australia truly is the "land of parrots".
Checking out some lagoons nearby, we hoped for rarities, although I was well happy catching up with old favourites like Pink-eared DucksPlumed Whistling-Ducks, and a large flock of some 210+ Red-necked Avocets on 7 Mile Lagoon. The latter spot brought the sighting of the day, when a Black Falcon was found soaring above it, causing some major stress to the avocets below!

It was another very enjoyable day, aided by the help of local knowledge and some damn fine friends!

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Judi Gray said...

Beautiful Images - looks like a fantastic day out.