05 December 2012

Lost in Frogging...ECUADOR (18 - 20 Nov)

On a couple of nights some enthusiastic people from the Cape Bird Club group (Andrew, Heather and Otto in particular, though not exclusively), could not resist a super long day - some of were in the field a titanic 20 HOURS on one day, by not only birding during all possible hours of daylight, but also venturing out after dark for creepy crawlies, and night creatures. Most notably, the frogs were a huge success, and fuelled a growing fire for this in me, which I fear, like birding, is now irreversible. I am hooked. Here are some of the things we found, frog-wise in two super-enjoyable nights creeping around the fringes of the Amazon jungle....

Common Polkadot Treefrog

Rocket Treefrog

Unknown Frog (trying to leap into my room no less)

Gladiator Treefrog

 Sharp-nosed Toad

More traditional feathery and furry notes to come soon, as I ventured, post-Amazon, into the Andes for a very special mammal indeed...


john said...

What bird is that in the header photo? What was the bird in the last header photo? Both are very impressive.

Sam Woods said...

The bird currently in the header photo is Banded Ground-Cuckoo, which is currently taking the headlines in northwest Ecuador. It is usually extremely rare, and extremely shy, meaning until this tame bird, very few people had seen it. This juvenile is being fed at a small reserve daily and can be seen down to a few feet, meaning it is the opportunity of a lifetime to get this bird right now.