04 November 2012

Farewell La Selva...ECUADOR (29 Oct)

With a 06:00am departure there was little time for any birding at La Selva, but I still got to admire another magnificent Amazon sunrise, this time with a light mist rising off the Garzacocha Lake. The local group of Sand-colored Nighthawks were still restless and not yet settled for the day-they had chosen to roost together in an open tree just in front of the lodge. I counted at least 39 Sand-colored Nighthawks huddled together in the tree (with some 20 or so visible in the photo above). There was just enough time to load up the canoes, and take in the sight of three Hoatzins venturing down to the glassy water to take their first drink for the day, and have our attention grabbed by a noisy pair of Black-capped Donacobius making their first foraging forays of the day, before we drifted away from La Selva, crossed over the Andes by air, and returned back to Ecuador's lofty capital, Quito.

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