18 October 2012

More from Manu (Peru 2 Oct.)


The Manu Road in Peru has been a long time haunt of birders and animal lovers and it is not to hard to understand why, even from my short experience of it on this day. The road was covered with clouds of butterflies, producing a myriad of colors. A rustling in the canopy led us to a pair of handsome Grey Woolly Monkeys, seeming out of place to me here at nearly 2000m elevation. The views of steep slopes blanketed in lush forest stretching as far as the eye can see was refreshing and all too rare in this broken world we live in, and of course there was the birds themselves. Here is one of the more cryptic ones, a female Lyre-tailed Nightjar, found by Rich Hoyer (see http://birdernaturalist.blogspot.com/) who had seen it loafing on the same roof a year or more earlier; now that's a stake-out!

More from Peru soon...

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