06 September 2012

Nightbirding by day...KENYA (4 - 5 Sept.)

We arrived in Lake Baringo after a seriously early start, but were ready for action straight off. We checked in to Robert's Camp, which had just avoided the serious flooding of its illustrious neighbor, the local country club, and picked up a batch of new weavers, and the odd Jackson's Hornbill feasting at their feeder. Then we met up with one of the famous "Baringo Bird Boys", Francis, and went out for some nightbirding...at 8 in the morning! That is the typical Baringo experience. First off, a local garden brought us two roosting African Scops-Owls. Then it was off to an area of acacia scrub, where up to four roosting Slender-tailed Nightjars were found. Next up was a cliff that played host to a pair of roosting Spotted Eagle-Owls. Then the piece-de-resistance was my most wanted bird of the whole trip, the nocturnal Three-banded Courser roosting by day under a shady acacia. They quickly lept into first place in the bird-of-the-trip runnings for me. Finally, in late morning, just prior to lunch we saw a pair of roosting Northern White-faced Scops-Owls, looking distinctly more slender and lithe than they do at night. Just for good measure as a final curtain call pre-lunch we took in our second Pearl-spotted Owlet of the trip! "Nightbirding" had never been so easy!

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