16 August 2012

Pheasanting in Taiwan...TAIWAN (May 2012)

I thought after months in exile from my blog I would get back on the saddle and take it for a ride again! So last time I was here I was updating from Taiwan...And so that is where I will begin again, as it would be a travesty to miss out some of the highlights there, which were a big part of this year for me. Even if it was a flying 2-day visit. 

Unluckily for Keith Barnes, who is my friend, and very generously offered to show me his new island home, I was dead keen to cram in as much as possible; problem was the weather was atrocious making mine and Keith's task all the more difficult. On top of that the areas in the park where they had been traditionally feeding the pheasants over the past few years showed precious little signs of food, and had a newly erected sign prohibiting the feeding of birds!

 My nerves jangled at the thought of missing our next big target: Swinhoe's Pheasant. Still, we rose pre-dawn, and headed to the foodless spot and waited. Of course my pessimistic side rose to the surface, only for two male Swinhoe's Pheasants to defy my dark mood and parade in the open, slipping me a piece of humble pie in the process...GREAT BIRD.

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