05 September 2011

There's another one (or 3)!...ECUADOR (1 September)

.. We continued our exploration of the north with a late afternoon drive down a "new" road to the town of La Sofia, where the roadsides are cloaked in beautiful forest. The appeal of this place was very few birders have yet to visit it, and we were happy to be part of this meager handful of people. The site was put on the map when the first birder to go there, Jonas Nilsson, found a new bird for Ecuador Yellow-throated Brush-Finch. No such luck for us on a restricted afternoon, limited by heavy rains. However, brush-finches did again steal the headlines though as we found another three more territories of White-rimmed Brush-Finches, which once again posed admirably for more photos. Sorry (actually I am not sorry!) to keep posting photos of these birds, but I loved them, and got to see them repeatedly, which for a rare bird if too often, a rare thing! More to come from this exciting new road as we tried there again the following day...

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