16 August 2011

Spanish lessons...SPAIN (12 August)

Visiting my mothers villa near Loja in Spain was to be a good opportunity for me to get re-aquainted with the amazing Hoopoe, a pair of which feed near the villa regularly. Sadly though they are a little camera shy and masters at turning up when you have left your camera behind. So there was only one thing to do: carry it always! So on the way out to dinner one night I was ready for the little critter as it casually fed in the middle of the dirt track..these were the results. These were not as good as I'd hoped, and several further days effort revealed no other opportunities, just some frustrating flight views obtained and nothing more. This for me is one of Eurasia's most strange and impressive birds. They occur into Asia and are a regular feature of our tours in northern India. As I am set to go there in January 2012, I hope to see one again then, and re-ignite my photo "feud" with them again then!

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Mary Howell Cromer said...

Glad you could visit your mother and your home and the images are really very nice too~