14 December 2009

Blue is the Color...(Mashpi, NW Ecuador): December 2009

Cannot resist posting a photo of my latest lifebird. Having spent the best part of four years working in Ecuador, and most of it in the northwest, they do not come along too often. Although, on visiting this "new" site-Mashpi-for the second I struck indigo, with this Indigo Flowerpiercer. This deep-blue bird is confined to the wet Choco region of SW Colombia and NW Ecuador, and certainly in Pichincha province where this was taken is an extrenely rare and local bird. I was please as punch to pick this up on our recent Introtour out of Tandayapa Lodge. Also seen at Mashpi on this day were a host of other Choco specials, including the jewel-like Glistening-green Tanager, in addition to Moss-backed Tanager, Pacific Tuftedcheek, a dapper Black Solitaire, several chunky Black-chinned Mountain-Tanagers, many Toucan Barbets, and a gorgeous Orange-breasted Fruiteater. Highlight of the day though may have been showing the male fruiteater to some local kids, and the boys reaction said it all. He jumped up and down with joy and shouted reapeatedly "Que bonita, que bonita". Que Bonita indeed. I look forward to persuading my next group to succumb to the temptations of Mashpi!

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