04 September 2009

Silanche’s Stubby Show...(Rio Silanche, NW Ecuador): August 5, 2009

Later on during the Introtour we visited a rare patch of lowland forest in Pichincha province, at the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation Rio Silanché Bird Sanctuary that protects a small, but highly productive, patch near the town of Pedro Vicente Maldonado (much lowland forest has been cleared in the region for palm plantations and cow pasture). This has been a firm favorite site of mine for some time, despite its small size it maintains a rich, varied avifauna, and some real specialties of the region still “hang” there. This one deserved top billing on this day as we lined up and watched on as this male Stub-tailed Antbird (a scarce regional specialty to the Chóco region of NW Ecuador and W Colombia), jumped out into the open right in front of us where it remained obligingly for me to get this shoddy photo!

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Birding Blogger said...

Wow, Stub-Tailed Antbird! I've heard that people see this bird with some regularity in the area near the sanctuary, but I'm not sure exactly where. I'd love to see it for myself. Any hints?

Thanks for your amazing blog!