09 July 2009

Cartoon Hummer... (Tandayapa, NW Ecuador): June 2009

Here are a couple of shots of the frankly ridiculous Booted Racket-tail (or Racket-tailed Puffleg if you prefer that name), a hummingbird that looks like no other. You could not make this one up!


Peter Alfrey said...

brilliant photos

Tor Egil Høgsås said...

Really good photos. Can you give some comments about the equipment used here.

Gil Serique: Culture, Windsurf & Wildlife In the Amazon said...


I saw this bird (or quite similar) ina canopy of a rainforest near Salvador(not quite near)

congrats. tell us how you did it

tuesdat said...

Stunning! Your photos are phenomenal!! What were you shooting with?