17 October 2010

Stormy Bustard...(Australia): 16 Oct 2010

Leaving the Daintree behind we headed inland to the Mount Malloy, and got hit with a heavy, heavy storm falling, and visibility down to nil. With us all desperate to start cramming in new birds I opted to head over to near Mount Carbine where we might be able to pick out a bustard from the "safety" of the car while rain crashed down around us. And that is just what happened. After several females, we found a male Australian Bustard standing in half-display sodden through (photo), and appropriately standing in the drive of Bustard B & B! Once the rain moved on we birded a school (we go to the weirdest places when birding!) and admired a Great Bowerbird at his bower that had been decorated with white shells and other trinkets. Although the Red-backed Fairywrens, wet Squatter Pigeons, and glowing Red-winged Parrots were a little more colorful. We also dropped in on a forest patch along the highway and added a brace of cool monarchs: Black-faced Monarch and the dashing Pied Monarch, that accompanied the much more common Spectacled Monarch in the same area too.

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