12 October 2010

Lovely now likes my lens...(Australia): 12 Oct 2010

It was a day of contrasts: a morning in the rainforest in the mountains, where well it rained, and looked grey and overcast in this wettest of dry seasons; and then an afternoon in the tinder dry country around Mareeba, where large buttressed rainforest trees were replaced by flaky paperbark trees and and an array of gum trees, and clear, cerulean skies overhead. In the mountains we opened with a Bassian Thrush bounding conspicuously along the roadside, and a male Fernwren posing on a wet log. In the afternoon one dryish eucalypt-lined creek led us to a White-browed Robin and a joyful family party of Lovely Fairywrens to continue the fairy theme started yesterday...see photo of powder-blue headed male above.

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