17 March 2010

More Tapichalaca Antpittas (pm)...(Ecuador): 16 Feb 2010

After lunch with hummingbirds and the usual afternoon cloud descending over Tapichalaca, we opted to take a short drive downslope to check some forest patches around the town of Valladolid, that holds a different suite of birds to the temperate birds found around the reserve at Tapichalaca. On the way down we had one of the sightings of the trip, a juvenile Semicollared Hawk that was perched rather brazenly by the roadside as we descended, allowing for the odd photo too (top photo). Down at Valladolid the main target feel pretty easily, Maranon Thrush, so named as it is confined to the Maranon drainage basin of southern Ecuador and extreme northern Peru. After picking up a few other titbits, like Mottle-backed Elaenia and Olive-chested Flycatcher, we drove back up into the cloud of Tapichalaca. Rich and Terry chose to relax in the late afternoon while took a stroll on one of the trails close to the lodge, where I rain into this Rufous Antpitta hopping along the trail (my third antpitta for the day!) We all ended with the same female Swallow-tailed Nightjar flitting on and off the entrace track to the lodge as night fell.

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