27 March 2010

Amazon Tour (Sacha Lodge, Ecuador): 5 March 2010

A TALE OF TWO PUFFBIRDS. For this day we visited Sacha Lodge's centerpiece, the magnificent metal walkway that sits loftily above the canopies of the surrounding jungle. From this lofty position we picked out White-throated Toucans, Black-tailed Trogons, Opal-rumped Tanagers and other colorful canopy fare. Less expected up there was our first puffbird of the day, the dinky Lanceolated Monklet that amazingly taped right onto the steel frame of the walkway (bottom video). Walking back to the lodge from the walkway through the Amazon rainforest bought us a slinky Rusty-belted Tapaculo that played hide and seek behind a fallen log for a while before it emerged out into the open. However, the "celebrity couple" that morning were the pair of brilliant Crested Owls roosting behind the lodge (see photo on above post), that frankly stole the limelight from all else that day. However, our journey back to the lodge did produce another highlight or two, with two species of manakin (Golden-headed and the audacious Wire-tailed-video to come soon), the gorgeous Amazonian songster, the Musician Wren, and another puffbird, this time the White-chested Puffbird sitting quietly (top photo). More from Sacha to come...

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