07 August 2013

Hornbills & Halmahera…(Indonesia) 25th July

The Spice Islands, or Moluccas, and their delectable set of endemics awaited; and so after a short time in Tangkoko around our lodge adding the endemic Sulawesi Babbler, and then en-route to Manado a superb pair of Knobbed Hornbills, we boarded a plane, then a speedboat to take us from Manado in Sulawesi to the often explosively volcanic island of Ternate, from where we sped to the island of Halmahera in the northern Moluccas. There was no rest for the wicked though, and we were keen to get stuck into the endemics of the Moluccas that afternoon, which we did in fine style: So
mbre Kingfisher behaved well, as did several Blue-and-white Kingfishers which adorned the roadside wires, White Cockatoo followed, and a bounty of Blyth’s Hornbills provided a heady supporting cast. 

The day ended like our first in Indonesia, with a scops-owl, though this time the Moluccan Scops-Owl staring down at us with those impressive eyes that only owls possess.
 A very special avian encounter on Halmahera to follow…

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