06 April 2013


Today we spent quite a bit of time dipping into different sites - Poas Volcano was notable for my first ever Black-and-yellow Silky-Flycatchers, while Virgen del Soccorro was visited for its Sooty-faced Finches, which performed beautifully. 

Wish I could have said the same for their Golden-bellied Flycatchers which stayed rooted to the top of a tree and well out of photographic range. The feeders ar Cinchona and La Paz Waterfall Gardens (almost $100 to get in!) though we great with a migrant Broad-winged Hawk posing behind Cinchonas, while hummers and tanagers dropped in to the feeders, including my lifer White-bellied Mountain-Gem, and the Costa Rican endemic, Coppery-headed Emerald among others. 

At night we returned to San Jose, downed a Denny's meal, and plotted where we would see photos next on this flexible jaunt around Costa Rica...

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Jampol said...

You need to visit Manolo Munoz, the bird guide at Finca Rosa Blanca coffee Plantation Resort. he is very knowledgeable and has spotted more than 125 species alone in and around the coffee plantation and hotel there.