28 January 2013

Into the Tumbesian region...ECUADOR (13 Jan)

We arrived at the Fundacion Jocotoco reserve of Jorupe, just as dusk was falling on the reserve, and so got little in the way of diurnal birds. However, after a fine dinner, at this wonderful new reserve, we went on the hunt for the Peruvian Screech-Owl which we were told was hanging around cabin 1 (ironically named "Peruvian Screech-owl"!). Unfortunately, though, despite hearing a few low purring calls from the owl, it remained unseen, and the tired group I was with from Houston Audubon, decided to retire to bed. I was still smarting from hearing this tiny owl so close and not being able to find it, that I lingered on a little longer, then finally decided it had beaten me and began walking back to my nearby cabin (number 2 - named "Red-billed Scythebill"), at which point I inadvertently flushed the owl which must have been sitting quietly closeby the track. I quickly scanned around for it, and my spotlight fell on this rusty bird sitting on an open branch, and glaring back at me with those angry looking owls, and that fierce stare that seems to be unique to owls. I was entranced with it for a moment, then quickly realised the members of the group were likely still up and awake. I ran to each cabin, reassembled the group, and again found this diminutive owl sitting quietly on its chosen branch, where it remained to ogle at length.

The next day we were to spend the whole day exploring the Jorupe reserve, which comes complete with a unique set of bird feeders, attracting species found at no other feeders in the country...

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Alan Pavey said...

Great pic and always need a bit of luck even if you know the bird is there :-)