24 August 2012

Into Africa....KENYA (21 August)

After landing in Nairobi, in Kenya, and very, very narrowly avoiding a serious robbery (it is nicknamed Nairobbery after all), Nick Athanas and I finally got out of the city and into the bush. We traveled east from Kenya's sinister capital, having to slow down for giraffes crossing the main Nairobi-Mombassa highway, and finally reached Sagala Lodge, just outside Tsavo East National Park. The grounds were packed with birds, and we soon enjoyed a brutal initiation into Kenya's birdlife. Some of the best birds, and lifebirds, were Golden-breasted Starling, Pearl-spotted Owlet, and the conspicuous White-bellied Go-away Bird...

Much more to come from Kenya, where the photo opps are never ending!

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Jaybirder said...

Glad to hear you avoided the robbery. I am subscribed to the blog and always enjoy your posta and especially the photos. Regards - Jay & Jane Stormer (from TX)