29 September 2011

Bukit Owling...MALAYSIA (28-29 Sept.)

Have been in Peninsular Malaysia for a little while now guiding a private group. Taman Negara was as exciting as ever: Large and Gould's Frogmouth, and Sunda Scops-Owls were seen at night, while the day brought a swathe of cool birds of the steamy jungles of Southeast Asia including Banded and Garnet Pittas, Rail-Babbler (which was watched calling spectacularly as it dipped it's head low and inflated its neck sacs!), Green, Black-and-red, Black-and-yellow and Banded Broadbills, Crested Fireback, and lots of trogons (including Cinnamon-rumped).

We have now moved in to the foothills, or more precisely Bukit Fraser, one of Southeast Asia's best birding sites and one of my favorite hangouts. We started last night with this Brown Wood-Owl, which sat calmly by the quaint town of Fraser's Hill, ignoring the hub-ub and our spotlight. The owl theme continued today with this angry looking little owl, the Collared Owlet which literally looks like it has eyes in the back of its head...

More updates to come from Malaysia, where Beef Rendang and quality birds are a daily fixture!


JRandSue said...

These are amazing,superb images.

Lee Dingain said...

Excellent shots! But still, right back atcha Mr Woods - http://www.leedingain.com/2011/09/owling.html