19 September 2010

World Cup Birding...(Australia): July 2010

As the World Cup came to a close I spent a week off in Australia between New Guinea Trips. Part of my time was spent birding the rich rainforests of Lamington NP, and staying at the wonderful O Reilly's Rainforest Retreat. Known for its unbelievably tame birds, we saw this first hand, form the boisterous Australian Brush-Turkeys, and bolshy Pied Currawongs (top photo) to the vivid Crimson Rosellas and Australian King-Parrots, the comical Wonga Pigeon (bottom photo), and fancy Regent and Satin Bowerbirds, all of which hung about the cabins early in the mornings and were an absolute joy to wake up to. Here are a few shots of some of the O Reilly's "characters", with more to come in my next post...

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