03 May 2010

Warbler Fallout II...(High Island, Texas): 2 May

Another photo stream from yesterday's High Island warbler drop-in at Boy Scout Woods. There is always a tinge of sadness when the season closes here, for those like me who are addicted to the buzz of spring migration. Thankfully though I still have some fun to come with this in Ohio, that is next on the agenda for me...

Spent today cleaning up and closing down the Tropical Birding Information Center here in High Island. Have not checked the woods yet, although they look mighty tempting just across the street! Photos: Blackburnian Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Golden-winged Warbler, Black-and-white Warbler

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Larry said...

Some great updates on the ongoing migration down there. Lets get those guys up to Ohio for next week so we can both see them!